My current beauty favorites

These brushes where a limited edition by the brand “catrice” in collaboration with the fashion brand “caviar gauche”


Hello everybody,

today i´m going to let you know, what my current favorite beauty products are. First of all, i don´t like to spend a lot of money on make-up. In my eyes, nobody can tell, by looking at you, if you´re wearing expensive make-up or not. (especially men 😉 ) That´s the reason, why most of my make up products are from the Drugstore. Here in Germany, we have several Drugstores, for example Müller, DM, Douglas, Rossmann… I like DM and Douglas but that´s just my personal preference.  

Lots of love, Caro


  1. Make-up

For Make-up i´m using the Maybelline “Fit me!” Make-up (105) and the Maybelline “Dream Satin Liquid” in the tone “Natural Ivory” (which is a very light tone because my skin color looks like a cheese in the wintertime :D)

2.  Lipstick

My favorite lipstick is from the Brand “NYX”. It is the “NYX Lingerie” liquid lipstick in the color “embellishment” I also have it in other different colors, of course 😉

3.  Skin care

After a hot bath in my tub i love to snuggle myself into a blanket, drink tea and care my Skin with the eos “Ultra Hydration” body lotion in the scent vanilla.

Current Make-up, that i use daily.

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