Why i wear a turban

Hello Lovelies,

First of all no, i´m not muslim.

I come from a christian (catholic) background and yes, i´m religious. But my faith is not the reason why i wear a turban sometimes (not on a daily bases).

Here are the 4 reasons why i like to wear it:

  1. No bad hair day anymore! It is that easy: Pull your hair into a bun, take a nice shawl and wrap it around your head. Voilà, you can cover any frizzy, fuzzy and messy hair. 😉
  2. You don´t need to wash your hair everyday. 
  3. A turban can keep you warm in the wintertime. In winter it can get pretty cold where i live, so i like to wear a hat or a turban to keep me warm.
  4. It´s simply a style. Modest fashion is on the way, not just for muslims. Stores nowadays have way more modest pieces in stock than 10 years ago. I wear my turban also for fashion reasons and because i simply love it.

Would you dare to wear a turban in public, that covers all of your hair? Would you try to wear a turban one day? Please tell me your opinion in the comment section 🙂 I would love to hear from you.

Love, Caro

Screenshot-2018-2-24 Fashion Addict🎀 ( rufflesinrose) • Instagram photos and videos(1)More pictures of me, wearing a turban on instagram: @rufflesinrose

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