How to wear: Two piece sets

Hello everyone,

today’s topic are two piece sets and how you can style them. Two piece sets are most of the time trousers and matching blazers or shirts, but you can get a skirt and a matching shirt as well. They are a huge trend this spring/summer season and there are so many different styles of two piece sets out there, I can’t even decide which one is my fave.

The set that I was wearing that day is from a brand called “Stradivarius”. In Germany they don’t have any stores, but you can order on their website. This brand belongs to the Inditex group (where Zara is a member as well). They make affordable and stylish clothes which follow every upcoming trend. So if you never heard of Stradivarius before, go and check it out! It’s definitely worth it 😉

Ps.: I paired mine with simple white sneaker to give my whole outfit a casual yet sporty vibe.

-Pics shot by Sascha Mohr Photography- Copyright

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