All about being single

Hey everyone,

First of all to make things clear: Being single doesn´t mean that you´re lonely.

Most People are scared after a breakup to be on their on again. They miss being with someone, sharing thoughts with their fellow or just having someone by their side. I went through this myself and nearly everyone will go through this phase once (some even more than once) in their life.  But being single is nothing we should be scared of, instead we should take it as a gift to learn more about ourselves, focus more on us and enjoy living and making new friends and contacts. In this blogpost i´d like to show you the advantages (and my own experiences) about being single.

What being single showed me:

  1. Being more confident with myself: Since i´m single (that means in my case 1 year and 3 months) i am even more confident with myself than i was before. I learned to love myself the way i am, without having somebody that tells me everytime how beautiful i am or how nice my character is.
  2. Having more time and taking time for myself: When you are single you can do whatever YOU want. That means you can try new things (for example a new sport activity), travel, or just take a day to take care of yourself (maybe a spa day). Since the day i am single i do a lot of sport and try to stay fit and that even became a new hobby of mine!
  3. Meeting more people and maintaining contacts: As a single i like to go clubbing more often. I love having a good time, dancing all night and meeting new people.  But for my friends it is also good, that i now have a lot of spare time, that i can use for maintaining my already existing contacts and improving my friendships.
  4. Reaching Goals: My goal was to focus on School and learn new things because knowledge is on of the greatest powers. And thats what i did and i don´t regret any hour that i spend learning 🙂

Last but not least: Be a Little bit more selfish (but not to extreme!) even if you are in a relationship. Because you should not forget that the most important person in your life is YOURSELF.

Here are also some inspirational and empowering quotes for living a single life, enjoy 🙂 :

  • “Single is an opportuinity to live life on your own Terms and not apologize for something”
  • “S.I.N.G.L.E. =Stress is now gone, life´s easier”
  • “Being single doesn´t mean you´re weak, it means you´re strong enough to wait for what you deserve”
  • “Love when you´re ready, not when you feel lonely”
  • “I´m working on myself, for myself and by myself”

Loved that post? Tell me your opinion in the comments down below 🙂  See you soon on rufflesinrose.

Love, Caro

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