DIY: How to make your own plant hanger

Hello everyone,

Today’s topic is a bit different than what I normally post. I made this plant hanger by myself and thought it is too cute not to share :). If you want to know how I made this, then keep on reading:

What you’ll need:

Wool/yarn, scissors, crochet needle (size 3), planting pot, obviously a plant and thick paper/carton.

Took me about an hour to make it 🙂

1. First you gonna start by crocheting a circle that is as big as the ground of your planting pot (in my case it’s a big mug that I got from the dollar store- pretty affordable). Consider, that the last round needs to have 4 holes! To that holes I’m gonna attach the 4 strings afterwards.

2. After the first step you will need a thick paper on which you draw some circles (they should be as big as the ground of your planting pot as well) and cut them out. To stabilize the whole “crochet masterpiece” you just gonna glue them together (which you can see in picture 4).

3. Now you need to crochet 4 strings that have exactly the same length.

4. Attach your 4 strings to the “crochet ground” and put your planter on top. Now you just need to tie the 4 strings together and voilà, you are done.

5. If you’d like you can also add a Pom Pom or a tassel like I did. 🙂

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