Best Summerdresses

Hello everybody,

today I would like to share a selection of the best and affordable summer dresses for all occasions, that are now available on the high street. Let’s get started!

1. The Volant Dress (this one’s from Zara)

This one is for all the “girly” girls out there:

2. The maxi dress (Mango)

That’s definitely a dress for tall girls. But don’t worry if you are petite, I got you covered with the following dresses 🤗

3. The shirt dress (Mango)

This dress is so easy to wear and looks beautiful if you go to a picnic or if you run some errands.

4. A wrap dress (H&M)

A wrap dress is lightweight and flowy, perfect for a really hot day at the beach or to wear as a guest on the next backyard garden party.

5. A classic off shoulder dress (H&M)

This dress is a real staple in any bloggers wardrobe, so why not already in yours? 😉

6. The occasion dress (H&M)

Weather you are invited to a wedding or any other formal occasions, this could be your dress:

7. A floral dress (Mango)

Okay, okay, i know floral dresses in the spring and summertime aren’t groundbreaking, but you should definitely take a closer look on this one 😉

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