What I wore in Morocco

Hello everybody,

Instagram and other social media platforms are full of pictures about Morocco. More and more influencers seem to explore this Arab/African country. But not all of them stick to the rule: “when in Rome, do as the romans do.” That simply means that you should not wear to revealing clothes, like hot pants, while visiting an Arab/muslim country. (Especially if your female)

Here are the outfits that I wore while staying in Morocco + some tipps and fashion advice if you’d like to visit Morocco as a woman:

1. Maxi dress

This Dress is from the Brand ASOS Design. While I was inside the hotel I wore it the way I did in this picture. Every time I left the hotel I paired it with a long cardigan and a matching headscarf. (Tourists are not forced to wear a headscarf in Morocco, it’s up to you if you would like to wear one or not. I simply did it because it was my first time in Morocco and I wanted to show respect towards the culture/religion).

2. Kimono

This Kimono is from LC Waikiki, a Turkish brand. I bought it while I was in Bulgaria in June 2018. It came super handy in Morocco for me, because it was loose and non sheer and it covered my body up perfectly.

3. Midi dress

A midi dress is another perfect staple in your suitcase. While I was inside the hotel I wore the “plain” midi dress. As soon as I stepped out of the hotel i paired it with white long leggings and, of course, my matching headscarf (hijab).

My fashion essentials for Morocco:

– white long leggings

– maxi skirts (I bought mine at primark for 8€)

– scarves (I had them in all different colors to match my outfits)

– cardigans/kimonos

Love, Caro

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