What we did in Bulgaria 🇧🇬

This was a pretty spontaneous holiday trip for me. My friend Dani asked me two weeks before our flight if I would like to come with here to Bulgaria. I took the chance and said yes! This was probably the best thing I could ever do this year👍🏻

We spent one amazing week (in June 2018) in sunny beach in Bulgaria. Here’s what we did:

First we had some struggle at Munich airport: our aircraft had a technical problem. They tried to solve it but that didn’t work. So we had to wait 7 hours for another aircraft to come and take us to Bourgas! I repeat: 7 hours!!! Luckily we were able to fly that day.

After 2 hours flight we arrived save and sound at bourgas airport and took our transfer bus straight to our hotel. We went to bed at 4:30 am.

Day 1

We overslept breakfast and started our day with lunch at our hotel. (We stayed at the ALBA hotel in sunny beach)

After eating we explored the area outside our hotel and went to the beach. We spent our afternoon at the pool, eating pizza and ice cream. Yummy 😋!

Day 2

We woke up early that day because we wanted to see the world heritage city Nessebar. We went there by bus and walked from the bus stop to the island. It was so beautiful there! I definitely recommend visiting Nessebar if you can.

In the evening we went clubbing for the first time here in Bulgaria. We walked to a place near the beach which is called “Partyhütte” (it belongs to a German guy). There we had a lot of fun, met some other german guys and spent the evening dancing and singing.

Day 3

We spent our day at the beach trying to get some tan (which is really hard for me). In the evening we did something called “pub crawl”. It’s basically a group of people with whom you go from pub to pub and have a good time. We met a lot of people and had the best evening/night so far here in Bulgaria. After the pub crawl event we went with our new German friends Heiko and Torben ( who we met at day two at the partyhütte) to the beach. Heiko and I rode the slingshot there. First I was quite scared but after I enjoyed the view up there and it was an amazing experience.

Day 4

As always: we spent the day at the beach. (But this time with the guys). Took a ride with the banana boat but this looked more like a couch on the water.

In the evening we went to a karaoke bar and had a lot of fun there.

Day 5

This day we took the bus to bourgas, where we went shopping in a big mall. Starbucks here is quite cheap compared to the German prices! It was so hot that day that we were melting and got tired soon. So we went back and spent the evening in our hotel.

Day 6

Last day for us here in Bulgaria… We spent our day at the hotel pool and later that day we did some souvenir shopping and went for a swim at the beach. We watched the sunset and were quite sad about the fact that we will leave tomorrow.

It was a great week and I will never forget this time here in Bulgaria.

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