10 things you should do in morocco 🇲🇦

Hello everyone,

weather you are visiting Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Fès or Meknes there are some things that you should definitely do while you’re in Morocco.

If you’re visiting Morocco for the first time, one week is definitely enough to see the main things there. By saying main “things” I mean:

1. Take a ride with a taxi

Now you may think: what is so special about a ride in a taxi? But trust me, when you are in Morocco, you will fast understand what I mean by that. We did our first taxi ride as soon as we left the airport. The driver didn’t speak French or English and drove as if he wanted to flee from the police. 🙈😂

It can also happen, that he stops in the middle of the street, just because he wants to talk to somebody he knows. (That happened to us as well)

And you should be careful as a tourist, because they may scam you! We payed a “huge” amount of money for our transfer to the hotel (we payed 110dh, that’s around 11€) but for Moroccan standards, this sum is really high.

2. Take a tour guide

Especially if this is your first time in Morocco, then it might come in handy to take a tour guide and not to explore the city by yourself. We did that as well and were surprised about the fluent German that our tour guide spoke. We saw a lot of important places of the city (we stayed in Fès) and were glad, that we did it.

Cost: we payed 500dh for the city tour (that are approximately 50€)

3. Haggling at the souks

At first, we were a bit scared to haggle at the markets (they are called souk in Arabic) but as soon as we wanted to buy something we managed to do it. After a while we get used to haggle whenever we could and it was fun.

4. Visit the tanneries

Morocco is the country of leather. So be sure to visit the tanneries while you are there. They work like they did 500 years ago. Be prepared that the smell isn’t good there because they work with pigeon excrements…

5. Stay at a Riad

A Riad is a typical morrocan guesthouse. Mostly a whole family runs it. When you stay at a Riad in Morocco you are able to get that 1001 night feeling and you get to know the Moroccan “vibe”.

6. Try morrocan food

This is something you should not only do in Morocco, but in every country you may visit. Some things might be unusual for a European but if as long as you did not try it, you can’t judge it.

My friend Frederik tried camel meat for the first time in Morocco and was surprised how “normal” it tasted.

My tip: try the tangine 😉

7. Visit a qu’ran school

These are really old and important buildings in the Arabic culture and you should not miss to visit at least one while you are in Morocco.

8. Visit a national parc

We hired a driver and visited the tazekka national parc near Fès. We drove around one and a half hour to get there and it was a quite expensive trip (he wanted 1000dh,100€ from us, but we haggled and got it for 850dh, 85€). And what can I say, this trip was unforgettable and absolutely worth it!

9. Visit Volubilis

Volubi… what? Volubilis is a ancient roman city in the middle of nowhere, just kidding, it’s near Moulay idris, a pilgrim city near Meknes. And it is worth a visit. It is part of the UNESCO world heritage and about 2000 years old.

10. Learn some Arabic words

That’s what I like to do when I visit a country: learn at least one word in the language of the country I’ve been to.

Here are some easy words:

No means “la” and is written like that: لا

Thank you means shu-kran: شكرا

Have you ever been to Morocco? Do you know some Arabic words? Please tell me in the comments down below, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Love, Caro

P.S: check out my Instagram TV and my YouTube channel to watch my morocco vlog

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