How to: gain more self confidence

In times of Social Media it is quite hard to not compare yourself to bloggers, influencers and “instagrammers.” Everything they do looks like a lot of fun. They are always dressed super fancy and they are setting the newest trends. Everything they wear looks perfect on them. But trust me, this is just a illusion.

These so called “influencers” decide what they want to show of their life. It is obvious that people just wanna share the good times/days in their lives with others, rather than showing the world the newest spot on their face or the last fight they had with their partner. The more we consider this, the less we take these pictures as a guideline to our life.

But social media is just one thing to remove from our mindset when it comes to getting more self confidence:

1. Do more sport

Most people struggle with their figure and shape and feel uncomfortable because they don’t fit into the current beauty standard. Doing some kind of activity, (in my case it is dancing) helps a lot to get more confident in your body. There’s nothing better than the after sport feeling and the fact that you did something good for your body and soul.

2. Have a beauty routine

Having a beauty routine also helps a lot. It is important to take care of your body- not just in the sporty way, but also in the beauty one. If someone smells really good for example, it is clear that other people enjoy being around a good smelling person more than being around a stinky one.

But it has not only to do with the scent. Removing your make up at the end of the day and caring for your face with beauty products every week may have a huge effect on your confidence and in the way others treat you.

3. Remove “false” friends

Friends and social contacts also have a big impact on our confidence. It is essential that you know who your true friends are, the ones you can count on, when life gets rough and then the ones who are your “false” friends. If you make clear who your false friends are, you can start removing them from your life because they are just near you to drag you down and they are poison for any personality and confidence.

4. Change your body language

This is key, even if your self confidence isn’t as great as it could be. Just the simple act of pulling your shoulders back gives other people the impression that you are a confident person. And don’t underestimate the power of a smile: it will not only make you feel better, but it will make others feel more confident being around you as well.

Hope these tips helped you 🙂 Please comment down below how you push your confidence.

Love, Caro

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