My current favorites

Hello everybody,

Summer is officially over and we’re slowly getting into the colder weather. As seasons change, we should change our wardrobe too. Get rid off your old autumn/winter clothes that you don’t like to wear anymore and start getting some new stuff.

For me it is more and more important to invest in classic and timeless pieces, that you can wear year after year.

I picked out some of my current favorites for you:

1. Coats

They are the first thing people see of your outfit, so make sure that your outerwear fits you perfectly and has no wrinkles.

Coat from Stradivarius
Trenchcoat from Mango, currently on Sale!
Camel coat from Mango

2. Accessoires

A good accessory can make it break your outfit. Invest in a good quality handbag our shoe and you get the most out of it!

Boots from Zara
Mules from Zara
Belt from H&M
Baker boy hat from H&M
Scarf from Zara

3. Jumper

This is an essential for an upcoming cold weather winter. Snuggle yourself up in a cozy sweater and get your shit together 😉

Jumper from Mango

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