Minimalist Wardrobe-Lookbook

Hey-ho everyone,

For all who don´t know it: I am currently a au-pair girl in morocco. I remember the thoughts i had, before i came here: Will the kids like me? Will i find friends here? How is the family? And when it came to packing my suitcase the most important question for me was: “How will i survive without my closet full of clothes to choose from?”

In the beginning it wasn´t that fun for me. I wore the same pants basically all the time. For me as the girl, who likes to dress up, plays with different styles and textures in her outfits and runs a fashion blog, this was a hard time. And as the time passed, i realized that i underestimated the winter in morocco completely. It can be very cold here. Very cold.

End of December i flew back to Germany, to visit my friends and family. That was my chance to take a suitcase with cold weather clothes back. I choose wisely, that the items would be versatile and comfortable at the same time. On my YouTube channel you can see the result of the outfits I choose.

Here you can find the video:

Minimalist Wardrobe-Lookbook

Hope you got some inspiration out of it 🙂

Tell me in the comments! 💕Xoxo, Caro

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