My book recommendations

Hey-ho everyone,

in today’s blogpost I would like to present you my favorite books. I thought this might be a good time to share them with you, since we have plenty of time during quarantine right now. To all the bookworms out there: Please also let me know your suggestions!

1. Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight

This is the book that I am currently reading. Even if I am just half way through it, i can totally recommend it to you by now. It‘s written with such a good sense of humor! This book is for all out there, that desperately need some motivation and inspiration on how to tackle their daily tasks.

“This is when, instead of daydreaming about a theoretical future of being richer, thinner, or tidier, you focus on NOT being broke, fat, and messy in the here and now.”

Page 51, “get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight

2. Hinch yourself happy

Along with the first book I presented to you, this one is also very motivating and inspiring. It helps you with some tips and tricks on how to keep your space clean and tidy.

3. Iconic by Meghan Hess

Moving to the fashion book category I would highly like to recommend you “Iconic- The Masters of Italian fashion“. As you can tell by the title it is about Italian designers and gives you an overview of the brand and how they became famous. The author, Meghan Hess, is known for her lovely illustrations which make this book even more fashionable.

4. The new fashion rules by Victoria Magrath

Some of you might now the author from her blog and instagram, where she calls herself “in the frow”. In her first published book she now gives all wannabe fashion bloggers the best tips, on how to make it in this business.

5. L’art de porter le foulard

This on is my last recent purchase and it is no book where you have to be French to understand it. It is as well, lovely illustrated and even though French skills would be great to understand everything in it, they are not necessary. After reading (or looking through it) you might wanna buy a scarce and start experimenting wearing it with the different styles that are shown in this book. (Just saying 😉 )

Hope you found these book ideas inspiring and if you read one of them, make sure to leave your opinion about it in the comments down below.

That’s it for now, hope to see you soon again here on “rufflesinrose”,

see you soon, Caro

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