Where to shop (online)

Hey-ho everyone,

with the new season coming up, you might wonder where to get the cutest clothes that are affordable, yet still on good quality. I thought i would share with you my favorite online shops below:

First of all i want to say, that none of my blogposts is sponsored so far. Everything i recommend is my own opinion and not influenced by anyone.

Starting with basics: for basic pieces, such as good quality sweaters, shirts, turtlenecks… etc. i`d like to shop on the website of the german brand “Hallhuber”. There, you can get long lasting basics without breaking the bank. Other than hallhuber, i can also recommend the spanish label “Massimo Dutti”. Massimo Dutti belongs to the inditex group, like Zara, and they have similiar pieces, but with much better quality. Last, but not least in the “basic” category i love to get new items at COS. This brand is the high quality pendant to H&M and they make minimal and basic fashion with a little twist. I think all of the brands mentioned so far can be categorized in the medium prize range. They are not crazy expensive but also not cheap as retailer H&M or Zara.

My next category on where to shop online is for lounge- and sportswear. Some of my friends are fans of the brand “Oceans Apart”. I, personally think, that you pay way to much for what you get… We all know that, the more famous a brand is, the more you pay for their Image, rather than quality. So for me, i prefer labels such as “Oysho”, where i shop my sports- and loungewear. Another good label, that i can recommend for homewear is the italian brand “Intimissimi”. They have such classic pieces!

Spotted at oysho.com

My next category is shoes: I am really picky, when it comes to shoes. In the past, i made quite often the mistake and bought shoes that are made out of so called “vegan”-leather. I hate that term… (a lot of people have no clue, what “vegan”-leather means. It´s simply a nice word for plastic.) Out of my personal experience, the best shoes, that last you a long time, are made out of real leather. I have two major brands where i shop at, when it comes to shoes. They are called: Vagabond and Inuovo. Both make classic and trendy shoes and both have a sense for quality. I work in a job, where i have to walk/stand all the time, so trust me on this one, they are approved by me. 😉

Classic loafer from inuovo spotted on zalando.de

For the last category, i´d like to talk about accessories: My absolute favorite brand, when it comes to handbags is the another italian brand called “furla”. They make real leather bags and shoes and the quality is just stunnning. With this brand, as it is not the cheapest, i also like to keep an eye on it, when it comes to thrifting. (Just saying 😉 ) The second brand that i really like for handbags is “coccinelle”. Also known for their leather quality (they have the softest leather!) and italian as well, they make classic and timeless bags, that you can pass on to your children.

I hope this blogpost was useful. If you have any questions or recommandations, feel free to like or comment this post.

Lots of love, Carolin

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