My current Favorites: Part 2, Shoes

My current Favorites: Part 2, Shoes

Hey There!

Let’s hop on to part 2 of my “current favorites”-series. This time it’s all about shoes for spring/summer 2018. In the upcoming season statement shoes are a huge trend and you can find them all over the place right now. Considering that a shoe can sometimes make or break an outfit, you should choose well and combine carefully. I prefer shoes that are color wise not to bold or chunky, that’s why my color shoe palette is quite neutral. With neutrals you can never go wrong 😉 Continue reading “My current Favorites: Part 2, Shoes”

Current Favorites: Part 1, Clothes

Current Favorites: Part 1, Clothes

Hey There!

Today’s topic are my current favorites and pieces that I keep an eye on for the upcoming spring/summer season 2018. The places where I like to shop the most are Zara, Mango, H&M… that’s probably the reason why you will see a lot of stuff here on my blog from these shops. Continue reading “Current Favorites: Part 1, Clothes”

Season Opening SS18 Trend Reischmann

Hello Everybody,

last Saturday i had the honor to walk for Trend Reischmann at their “Season Opening SS18” as a model. In total we were 20 models, 10 male and 10 female. Everyone had to Show off 5 different Outfits regarding the upcoming Spring/Summer Season. For me, this was my 4th time, walking for Reischmann at one of their shows. Every event is a new adventure for me and the more practice i get, the more comfortable and confident i feel walking down the runway. It is always a pleasure to work with the Reischmann Team. I hope, that this will not be my last time working with them 😉 .

If you are curious now then take a look on:

More Pictures from the Show will be soon in my “Lookbook”. Stay tuned

Love, Caro

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My current beauty favorites

My current beauty favorites
These brushes where a limited edition by the brand “catrice” in collaboration with the fashion brand “caviar gauche”


Hello everybody,

today i´m going to let you know, what my current favorite beauty products are. First of all, i don´t like to spend a lot of money on make-up. In my eyes, nobody can tell, by looking at you, if you´re wearing expensive make-up or not. (especially men 😉 ) That´s the reason, why most of my make up products are from the Drugstore. Here in Germany, we have several Drugstores, for example Müller, DM, Douglas, Rossmann… I like DM and Douglas but that´s just my personal preference.  

Lots of love, Caro Continue reading “My current beauty favorites”

The ultimate shoe guide for spring 2k18

The ultimate shoe guide for spring 2k18


bow sneaker from “tamaris”
  1. Sneaker

Sneaker come in all shades and types and are always a good choice. If you´re not sure in what type of sneaker you should invest in, i would definitely go for a classic white or grey one. I, personnally, don´t like black sneaker, because they tend to look cheap in most of the cases. I suggest, buying a real suede or real leather pair of sneaker because they last longer than shoes made of other fabrics.


ankle booties

2. Ankle Boots

A pair of ankle boots is a shoe style that you can wear almost the whole year, from season to season. Especially if they are in the ´go to´ color black, The favorites out of my shoe closet are these lilac Color ones with silver studs and made of real leather. They even have an emotional aspect for me: My best friend and i bought the same pair together :).


oxfords with studs from “stradivarius”

3. Oxfords

Oxfords are the shoes that make you always look classy and expensive. A good pair of them is key for the upcoming spring season in my eyes. Mine are made out of real leather (i love a good pair of leather shoes as you may have noticed 😉 ) and i got them for just 26€ from Stradivarius. They where a style steal and i´m so proud that i got them!


mules and loafers


4. Mules

These are the type of shoe every fashionista loved in 2017 and will love in 2018. They are back! Mules are the ultimate favorites for everyone who is annoyed of getting blisters on their feets. Because of the open back ( which is a character of the “mule”) these shoes are always feet friendly and really comfortable.


lace-up ballet flats from “h&m” my personal favorites, but unfortunately not in “Trend” anymore. But i will wear them anyway 😉
Old but Gold: a pair of white sneaker

How to overcome the “Winter-Blues”

How to overcome the “Winter-Blues”

Hello everyone,

we all have that point in the wintertime, where we have to face the “Winterblues”-the dreaming of vacation on the beach, far away from the cold weather where we live and struggle with.

For me, wintertime is my most disliked season of the year. I hate snow (and i live near the Alpes/mountains, where we have snow each winter), I hate when it´s cold outside and i´m freezing all the time. My “winterblues” starts with the first thought of winter. That´s why i thought i´d share a list of the things i do, to deal with the “winterblues” with you. Here we go:

1. Read a book!

There´s nothing better to deal with the frost outside than sitting near the fireplace on the couch, drinking tea and reading a good old book. I love to escape into my imagination and dreams while i´m reading. One of the things, that makes winter at least a little bit more pleasant.


2. Learn

Winter is for me the best Season to learn for School and exams. There is no distraction that keeps you away from your schoolbooks and education because you probably don´t have something better to do. Plus: when you learned much in the wintertime then you may have more freetime in the summertime because you already got good grades in winter. 😉

Should i do a blogpost on “how i learn”? Comment down below!


3. Craft

I personally love to craft. Anything from working with paper, scrapbooking, crocheting, drawing… makes me happy. Seeing a beautiful result at the end of hours spent crafting always motivates me to do more things by myself.

4. Decorate your room with plants and flowers

In winter, when everything outside seems to be death and Grey it is a great way to spice up your room with plants and flowers. I suggest succulents (I`m in love with them). They don´t need a bunch of water to stay alive, but they´re always looking fresh, green and alive. Even someone like me (who don´t has a green thumb) can handle These beautiful small creatures.


5. Go to the cinema, iceskating…

Even if it is really cold outside, there are a lot of activities that we can do outside during winter. We don´t need to sit in our house all day long. I like to go iceskating. I´m not the type of Girl who loves skiing, therefore i tried iceskating years ago and pretty much falled in love. Doing some kind of sport in winter is a great plus for the upcoming warmer months and especially our Bikini shape ;), that keeps me motivated. Also i like to visit the Cinema more often in wintertime than in the summertime. I love the atmosphere while watching a movie on the big screen and eating my popcorns or nachos.


What are your favorite activities during winter? Tell me, by commenting down below! 🙂 Hope to see you girls soon,

xoxoxo Caro