Minimalist Wardrobe-Lookbook

Minimalist Wardrobe-Lookbook

Hey-ho everyone,

For all who don´t know it: I am currently a au-pair girl in morocco. I remember the thoughts i had, before i came here: Will the kids like me? Will i find friends here? How is the family? And when it came to packing my suitcase the most important question for me was: “How will i survive without my closet full of clothes to choose from?”

In the beginning it wasn´t that fun for me. I wore the same pants basically all the time. For me as the girl, who likes to dress up, plays with different styles and textures in her outfits and runs a fashion blog, this was a hard time. And as the time passed, i realized that i underestimated the winter in morocco completely. It can be very cold here. Very cold.

End of December i flew back to Germany, to visit my friends and family. That was my chance to take a suitcase with cold weather clothes back. I choose wisely, that the items would be versatile and comfortable at the same time. On my YouTube channel you can see the result of the outfits I choose.

Here you can find the video:

Minimalist Wardrobe-Lookbook

Hope you got some inspiration out of it 🙂

Tell me in the comments! 💕Xoxo, Caro

20 things you should do in your 20´s

20 things you should do in your 20´s

Hey there!

The 20´s can be the most exiting years of your entire life. You are old enough to decide things on your own and young enough to do whatever you want. These are also your “selfish years” because you can focus completely on you and your career. Later in life things like that might be more complicated because you might have a family and children to take care of. So go girl and use that years wisely!

I´ll show you my list of 20 things now that you should consider to do in your 20´s.

  1. learn a new language
  2. live abroad
  3. get a job you like
  4. play an instrument/ find a hobby
  5. donate blood
  6. learn to surf (or any new kind of sport you never tried before)
  7. learn to cook a proper meal
  8. own a pet
  9. volunteer/ do charity work
  10. dye your hair
  11. go on a roadtrip
  12. travel solo
  13. make a good friend
  14. build something
  15. make your driver license
  16. buy a car
  17. organize a meeting of your old classmates
  18. go to a concert
  19. ask for a pay rise
  20. fall in love

Would you add or leave something? Do you already achieved some of these things? Let me now in the comments 🙂

My current favorites

My current favorites

Hello everybody,

Summer is officially over and we’re slowly getting into the colder weather. As seasons change, we should change our wardrobe too. Get rid off your old autumn/winter clothes that you don’t like to wear anymore and start getting some new stuff.

For me it is more and more important to invest in classic and timeless pieces, that you can wear year after year.

I picked out some of my current favorites for you:

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